Dell Android MID Coming to AT&T in 2010?

It sounds pretty certain that AT&T is dipping its toe in the Android pool within the next few months. The Dell Streak, captured on video last month, looks to be coming to AT&T in 2010 if you believe the Commercial Times out of China, says SlashGear. From what we’ve seen so far, the device appears to have a 5″ display, runs Android 2.0 and offers integrated 3G connectivity. The 800 x 480 resolution looks much better than it does on my 7″ UMPC, as well. I’d say Dell has nailed the screen size and resolution on this device. The Streak looks a bit big for a traditional phone, but nobody has confirmed if the device supports cellular voice — besides a Bluetooth headset works wonders. ;)

That actually leads to an interesting question since I’ve generally been against a handheld that doesn’t offer cellular voice capabilities. Could a full-featured smartphone-like device be successful without the phone part? The most obvious example of a yes answer is Apple’s iPod Touch, but I can’t envision myself using a basic phone for voice and an iPod Touch for everything else. Of course, the Touch doesn’t have integrated wireless broadband, only Wi-Fi, so maybe I’d feel differently if the handheld had an always-on connection. Again, I’m not suggesting that the Dell Streak will be data only, but it does make me wonder about just such a device.

While we ponder that, here’s another look at the Dell Streak from last month.


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