Apple’s Black Friday Sales Leaked Early


If you’re planning your holiday shopping but want to get a good grasp of the budget available to you in advance, it helps to know what kind of deals you’re going to get. Luckily, Apple’s (s aapl) Black Friday discounts have been leaked early, so you can factor in those price reductions while you’re figuring out how pinched you’re going to be financially come January.

Boy Genius Report got the early tip-off, from an anonymous source. It comes in the form of what looks like a flyer image, detailing some pretty significant discounts on all things Apple, basically. They’re deep enough that you’d probably do well to hold off any Mac or iPod-related purchase for at least another 10 days just in case.

Here’s what we’re looking at, if the rumors prove true:

  • Up to 30 percent off all iPods (excluding iPhone and iPod shuffle)
  • Up to 25 percent off all Macs
  • Up to 15 percent off all accessories, Apple software and Apple hardware

The sales seem to be available in Apple retail stores only, since the poster also states that “Select Apple stores open at 6 am,” and a line at the bottom advertises the new availability of in-store gift-wrapping. Last year we saw online Black Friday discounts, though, so it’s possible we’ll see them again.

If these deals do indeed come to pass, they would be pretty significant compared with previous Black Friday sales by the Mac maker. Twenty-five percent off of all Macs is a very good discount, for example, and would result in a $500 discount on the Core i5 27-inch iMac, or a $250 discount on the entry-level MacBook. Compare that to a $101 discount on the MacBook last year, and a $101 discount on the top model iMac.

The teaser image leaked by BGR is fairly convincing, in that it does seem to use design cues and aesthetics currently favored by Apple in its marketing materials, but it’s hard not to be skeptical in the face of sound business sense — considering Apple’s previous Black Friday discounts, and the fact that last time I checked, it really wasn’t in a position to need to offer big price cuts to bolster sales.

If these do prove true, I’ve been putting a new Time Capsule or Airport Extreme purchase on the back burner for quite some time now, and that 15 percent off is nothing to sneeze at, given Apple’s usual reluctance to offer any kind of price cut at all. Anyone else planning on making a purchase if these discounts really do apply? Something you wouldn’t buy otherwise, perhaps?




21.5-inch or 27-inch
1.008,00 EUR Was 1.099,00 EUR Save 91,00 EUR

MacBook Pro

13-inch, 15-inch or 17-inch
1.058,00 EUR Was 1.149,00 EUR Save 91,00 EUR

iPod nano

8GB or 16GB
144,00 EUR Was 155,00 EUR Save 11,00 EUR
Just rumours, copy&paste from Apple store:

iPod touch

8GB, 32GB or 64GB
178,00 EUR Was 199,00 EUR Save 21,00 EUR

Apple TV

248,00 EUR Was 269,00 EUR Save 21,00 EUR

Cion Monge

If this is true, I will have regretted buying my macbook pro last week, in wishing I’d waited til tomorrow.


This is probaly not true… My guess?…..

$50 Off macbook and 13+15 inch macbook pro and all ipods

$150 off macbook pro 17 inch

$200 off mac pro

Dr.Van Nostrand

Howard, Robin, Fred and Artie all picked this as the fake story.


This article is absurd. I bought a Mac at an Apple Store on Black Friday of last year and the discount was about 4% and only lasted that day. There is no reason for Apple to discount their products by up to 30%. Moreover, there is no precedent for Apple ever having done so.

David Nelson

If this deal is true, then I will definitely be getting a new Macbook.

John A

it’s always Black Friday for Andy and Bill.

Just go to Frys and buy a new graphics card…you’ll feel much better.

Nick Santilli

Apple almost never does discounts – they’re a 10% off kind of ‘deal’ maker, and rarely (if ever – I don’t have a great memory) more.
Also, when they offer a legitimate discount for special occasions like Black Friday, it’s on a specific product, (like “iPod Classic”), not across the board, or across a product line.

While this news would be killer, I have a hugely difficult time believing it at all.


I want one of the new i5 iMacs, and I’m gonna get a 10% discount just by waiting until they’re in stock at MacConnection, and not paying CA Sales tax.

I was gonna buy a new 15″ MBP, to replace the late 2006 one I currently use that is just out of AppleCare warranty. But doing it this way, I can get a quad core iMac for about the same price as the notebook from the Apple Store.


Fake. Fail.

Apple copywriters would not write, “Up to 30% off all iPods” and then put a contradictory footnote exempting iPhones and Shuffles from the sale. Makes no sense.


Come on, they aren’t going to offer 25% off a new Macbook or a Macbook pro. You can’t really believe that? They have never done anything of the sort. With record earnings and 35+billion in cash they don’t need to discount to move merchandise.


The wording is ‘up to 25% off’…so each store gets a couple refurbs in stock they can sell at 25% off. Because there is no way Apple will be selling ‘all Macs’ at 25% off. As much as we’d all love for it to be true, there’s zero chance.


If these discounts end up being true, then I will finally get a new Mini to replace a forgotten about TV. I had such high hopes for that little machine, but Apple insists on keeping it a hobby.


NO way!! apple always had fixed prices. ive never seen them have “sale” or anything like that. besides the fixed prices add on to apples simplicity. im sure they don’t want to confuse the buyers with weird prices.

but hey 1836 + tax for a mac pro is a steal!



My current Macbook is no longer under warranty, and I was in the store yesterday looking at the new one. Hopefully, it’s true because that along with the protection plan and the cost to transfer information from my old macbook to the new one will be a little more than the cost of a regularly priced macbook.


I would set my budget based on current Mac prices, then spend the savings to trade up to a better model and/or more RAM…


$750 for an entry level macbook is very enticing, especially considering how well equipped the entry level model is. Makes me wonder how cheap netbooks might get on Black Friday. Hope this deal is online as well, I am done with waiting outside a store in the cold after Thanksgiving!

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