Adobe Springs Beta Air 2, Flash 10.1 — Multitouch Support and More

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Adobe (s adbe) Labs has released beta versions of Air and Flash, bringing new features and opening up both for better developer support. Both Air 2 and Flash 10.1 now have support for multitouch and gestures, and Flash can use hardware to better handle H.264 video.

The new betas are available for Windows, Mac and Linux, so the much-anticipated mobile Flash is not part of this beta release. Adobe says WebOS will get Flash 10.1 later this year, and Android “next year.”

Adobe Air 2 is said to be more memory friendly and allows Air programs to use flash memory for the first time. Flash 10.1 should provide better video playing, even on systems with low-end graphics systems. Early reports say the beta does not support hardware support using Intel-integrated (s intc) graphics yet, meaning most netbooks may not see improvements.

Both programs can be downloaded from the Adobe Labs web site. These are beta versions, so install at your own risk and expect that problems could crop up.

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Kevin C. Tofel

Totally bummed that my netbook with Intel 945 GSE can’t take advantage of this yet. Some netbooks / notebooks with Intel integrated graphics will though… according to the Adobe release notes, Intel Series 4 chipsets are supported, which I think includes the Integrated GMA X4500HD.

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