Yahoo Shuts Down Yahoo Go; Will Continue Building Smartphone Apps


Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) will shut down its four-year-old Yahoo Go service at the beginning of next year, so that it focus on building services in the browser and applications for high-end smartphones, like the iPhone and Android.

Yahoo Go was a downloadable application that provided access to Yahoo’s search, email and other third-party services. It worked on more than 400 mobile phones and was often distributed by carriers. Adam Taggart, Yahoo Mobile’s Head of Global Marketing, told mocoNews that the decision is consistent with their 2009 mobile strategy, which included making a much bigger investment in the mobile browser and building apps for high-end devices that matter. “These monolithic all-in-one app experiences were a great strategy for the time, and it gained millions of users, but we



The irony is that just as many other major internet portals are all coming out now rich Java applications (for example BlackBerry apps) to enhance the user experience, Yahoo, an original innovator in this area is pulling the plug.

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