Chinese Travel Search Engine Qunar Raises $15 Million


Lots of activity in China’s burgeoning online travel industry. Travel search engine Qunar has raised $15 million in funding in a round led by GGV Capital. Mayfield Fund, GSR Ventures, and Tenaya Capital also participated in the round, according to investment research firm JLM Pacific Epoch, which cites local media reports.

The big funding round comes only two weeks after Expedia-subsidiary TripAdvisor bought up rival travel site for more than $12 million. Both Expedia and Qunar’s backers are betting that the Chinese travel industry will continue to boom, along with the Chinese economy. The domestic tourism market in the country has grown nearly 10 percent each year for the last two years, according to Dow Jones Newswires. JLM Pacific Epoch says Qunar plans to use the money for “branding, marketing and market development.”



If some funds companies invest $15M into I am sure we will obtain much market share in China, because Chinese people (customers) love Fly Great China. What is success in a business ? Answer: As long as much money . Right now, we have no much money , so we are running in Canada reginal (locally)

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