Vid-Biz: Comcast-NBC, Apple, Warner Music

Comcast-NBC Deal Would Face Heavy Regulatory Scrutiny; regulators might impose restrictions against the companies that would wipe out some of the benefits of the deal. (Wall Street Journal)

Apple Files Patent for Unskippable Ads; the technology is able to freeze a device until the user clicks a button or answers a test question to demonstrate that he or she has watched a commercial. (NY Times)

Warner Music Taps FreeWheel to Monetize Music Videos Online; the partnership allows WMG to manage its ads across a number of online video sites, including YouTube. (MediaPost)

BBC Launches iPlayer Channel On the Wii; the new BBC iPlayer will become a dedicated channel on the gaming console, beginning November 18. (press release)

Microsoft Launching Zune Outside the US; the video service will be available in 18 of the largest western markets, including the UK, France, Germany, and Australia. (Financial Times)

Cartoon Network Introduces Mix-and-Match DVDs; for $20, customers can pick from hundreds of episodes of Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and other shows to create their own 110-minute personal DVD. (Video Business)