Daily Sprout

Dutch to Try Road Tax Alternative: The Dutch government has approved a plan to replace the annual road tax on cars with mileage fees in an effort to reduce traffic congestion and vehicle emissions. Starting in 2012, GPS devices will be used to monitor vehicles, tracking the time, hour and place each car moves and then sending the data to a billing agency. — The Independent

Carbon Capture for Geothermal Energy: Carbon dioxide generated by power plants may find a second life being cycled underground, helping to bring heat to the surface where it can be used to generate electricity. Backers of this as-yet-unproven concept secured a big endorsement with the recent award of $338 million in stimulus funds for geothermal energy research. — Technology Review

Climate Deal Out of Reach: President Obama was forced to acknowledge this weekend that a comprehensive climate deal was beyond reach this year, placing him “in the awkward position of being, at least for now, as unlikely to spearhead an international effort to combat global warming as his predecessor — if for different reasons.” — New York Times

Got Greenwash?: Joel Makower goes searching for greenwash at the mammoth green building expo Greenbuild and finds, “Green building has matured from the exception to the rule, with the market…producing an increasingly gushing pipeline of products and services that, increasingly, are reducing the environmental toll of the built environment.” — GreenBiz.com

China’s Suntech Heading to Phoenix: China’s largest solar panel manufacturer, Suntech Power, announced plans today to open a plant in Phoenix, Ariz. Set to begin production in the third quarter of 2010, the facility will be the company’s first U.S. plant. — NYT’s Green Inc.