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Bud Adams Give the Titan-ic Finger on YouTube

Old people do the darndest things — especially when they own a football team. Bud Adams, the 86-year-old owner of the Tennessee Titans, decided to express his excitement over his team beating the Buffalo Bills over the weekend by giving his opponents and their fans the finger… in a couple creative ways. And as with anything slightly embarrassing done by anyone with any sort of notoriety, there’s video of it now on YouTube. Sheesh, what does Adams do when his team loses?

If we knew football was packed with this much petty geriatric action, we’d have watched more games this season (did anyone get any points in their fantasy football league for this?). Adams has since apologized and said he would accept any discipline handed down by the NFL.

By now it’s old hat that we live in a crowd-sourced surveillance society, and it will only accelerate as more live video-casting services proliferate and our actions are broadcast immediately. As if to drive the point home, last night’s episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which is featuring a Seinfeld reunion this season, used the Michael Richards n-word tantrum as comedic fodder. In an askew recreation of that career-killing moment for Richards, he looks over to see that a crowd of people are capturing it all on a host of video-enabled cell phones [via Huffington Post].

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