NBC Launches All-In-One Video Player, VoIP And Texting Tool — And It’s Ad-Supported

NBC Communicator

NBC Universal’s latest attempt to refine its social media strategy includes an everything-but-the-kitchen sink app called the NBC Communicator (pictured, left). The tool is designed to attract users and advertisers to full-length episodes directly on NBC.com, as opposed to video site Hulu, which is backed by the network along with News Corp (NYSE: NWS). and ABC. NBCU reps wouldn’t say what kind of CPMs they’re charging to advertise on the app.

For context, one source said that NBC.com typically charges over $40 CPMs, while Hulu is often a little less. Lately, a number of network ad sales execs have been grousing that Hulu has been undercutting their online and broadcast efforts. The introduction of this all-in-one app is one way NBCU to at least try to provide some extra services to users and advertisers as the chill over online ad spending starts to thaw.

The app is being overseen by Stephen Andrade, SVP, Digital Development/GM of NBC.com. The Communicator app was developed by Itibiti Systems, and uses Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) Live Services for its messaging tools. The NBC.com Communicator is free to use and offers unlimited computer-to-computer voice calls and texting.

With all the possible regulatory and legal scrutiny that has surrounded apps like Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Voice lately, NBCU reps tell paidContent that there is no mobile version in the works.


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