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Microsoft Extends App Marketplace To Older Handset Models

Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) is now providing its application marketplace to older Windows Mobile devices and is promising that 90 percent of the 800 applications in the catalog will be compatible. The Windows Marketplace for Mobile launched on Windows Mobile 6.5 just about a month ago, and now it will work on Windows 6.0 and 6.1, which make up about 30 million devices worldwide.

Microsoft is playing catch-up in the application storefront business, and is making big strides over the past month, including the announcement last week that the app store is now available online from the PC. To increase awareness of the marketplace, Microsoft said in a blog post that it will advertise the downloadable storefront online. “We may not have built the first application store, but we did set out to pioneer a fresh Marketplace experience that we look forward to expanding upon in the months and years ahead,” wrote Microsoft’s Eric Nelson.

Customers will have to download the marketplace to their Windows Mobile 6.0 or 6.1 by visiting

One Response to “Microsoft Extends App Marketplace To Older Handset Models”

  1. Is Microsoft trying to artificially increase the number of apps listed in its Market Place? There seems to be many older apps that don't work with new devices. Each application seems to work with only a small subset of devices. Why this incompatibility? Google doesn't seem to have incompatibility problems like this. Google's 12,000 apps work with all devices, so you actually have a selection of 12,000 usable apps.

    I dunno. It's just typical of Microsoft to make things difficult to use.