Brightcove Intros Entry-Level Pricing With Latest Platform Update

BC4_corporateHomepageBrightcove is releasing the latest version of its software today with a slew of new features, such as support for live video streaming and mobile distribution, improved encoding and analytics. But what could really shake up the industry is the introduction of lower-priced, entry-level service packages.

The company has introduced a pricing model, called Brightcove Express, that will target organizations that need a video management platform, but don’t have the budget to spend $6,000 a year for its “Professional” package of services. As a result, Brightcove Express will be rolled out with monthly, pay-as-you-go plans that can be purchased with a credit card.

Brightcove Express plans include:

  • A $99-per-month plan, which includes 50 videos, 40GBs of bandwidth, and one user account,Brigthcove Express
  • A $199-per-month plan, which includes 200 videos, 100GBs of bandwidth, and two user accounts, and
  • A $499-per-month plan, which includes 500 videos, 250GBs of bandwidth, and three user accounts.

By moving downmarket, Brightcove could put pressure on companies like Fliqz, Veeple, and Delve Networks, all of which offer low-price, pay-as-you-go services to small- and medium-size businesses.

While the introduction of lower-priced packages could help Brightcove attain customers that wouldn’t otherwise buy its services, the company also hopes to increase pressure on the competition with new features and capabilities built into the Brightcove 4 platform.

A new live streaming feature, for instance, will allow customers to mix and match live and on-demand videos in the same Brightcove player and manage both types of video assets in the same management portal. Media companies can also add pre-roll ads to live streams when users first sign on, as well as adding mid-roll ads with its advertising software development kit (SDK).

iPhone SDKA new iPhone SDK, which will be released by the end of the year, will enable customers to build and deliver videos to native iPhone applications. As part of this initiative, Brightcove developed a custom video player for the iPhone that enables users to share videos with friends via email and Twitter. iPhone support is just the first step to serving smartphone users, and over time the company will offer additional smartphone SDKs, said Jeff Whatcott, Brightcove vice president of marketing.

On the encoding side, the new product includes improved control over its cloud-based encoding technology, with support for higher-quality default encoding, as well as support for more renditions to ensure high-quality video streams when viewed in multi-bit rate formats. When using multi-bit rate streaming through Adobe’s (s adbe) Flash Media Server 3.5, streams are encoded in six different renditions, ranging from 250kbps to 1.8Mbps.

Along with all the updated features of its video platform, the company is introducing a new chromeless video player. The new Brightcove player supports social sharing through various social networks including Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. The company worked with Facebook to enable deep integration with the social network, including real-time chat and comments, and the ability to embed Brightcove players and videos into Facebook profiles and fan pages.