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Brightcove Intros Entry-Level Pricing With Latest Platform Update

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BC4_corporateHomepageBrightcove is releasing the latest version of its software today with a slew of new features, such as support for live video streaming and mobile distribution, improved encoding and analytics. But what could really shake up the industry is the introduction of lower-priced, entry-level service packages.

The company has introduced a pricing model, called Brightcove Express, that will target organizations that need a video management platform, but don’t have the budget to spend $6,000 a year for its “Professional” package of services. As a result, Brightcove Express will be rolled out with monthly, pay-as-you-go plans that can be purchased with a credit card.

Brightcove Express plans include:

  • A $99-per-month plan, which includes 50 videos, 40GBs of bandwidth, and one user account,Brigthcove Express
  • A $199-per-month plan, which includes 200 videos, 100GBs of bandwidth, and two user accounts, and
  • A $499-per-month plan, which includes 500 videos, 250GBs of bandwidth, and three user accounts.

By moving downmarket, Brightcove could put pressure on companies like Fliqz, Veeple, and Delve Networks, all of which offer low-price, pay-as-you-go services to small- and medium-size businesses.

While the introduction of lower-priced packages could help Brightcove attain customers that wouldn’t otherwise buy its services, the company also hopes to increase pressure on the competition with new features and capabilities built into the Brightcove 4 platform.

A new live streaming feature, for instance, will allow customers to mix and match live and on-demand videos in the same Brightcove player and manage both types of video assets in the same management portal. Media companies can also add pre-roll ads to live streams when users first sign on, as well as adding mid-roll ads with its advertising software development kit (SDK).

iPhone SDKA new iPhone SDK, which will be released by the end of the year, will enable customers to build and deliver videos to native iPhone applications. As part of this initiative, Brightcove developed a custom video player for the iPhone that enables users to share videos with friends via email and Twitter. iPhone support is just the first step to serving smartphone users, and over time the company will offer additional smartphone SDKs, said Jeff Whatcott, Brightcove vice president of marketing.

On the encoding side, the new product includes improved control over its cloud-based encoding technology, with support for higher-quality default encoding, as well as support for more renditions to ensure high-quality video streams when viewed in multi-bit rate formats. When using multi-bit rate streaming through Adobe’s (s adbe) Flash Media Server 3.5, streams are encoded in six different renditions, ranging from 250kbps to 1.8Mbps.

Along with all the updated features of its video platform, the company is introducing a new chromeless video player. The new Brightcove player supports social sharing through various social networks including Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. The company worked with Facebook to enable deep integration with the social network, including real-time chat and comments, and the ability to embed Brightcove players and videos into Facebook profiles and fan pages.

36 Responses to “Brightcove Intros Entry-Level Pricing With Latest Platform Update”

  1. so it seems like the express offering for $99/month would not allow you to use the iPad/HTML5 video. Youd’ have to do the super expensive version–even if you have <10 videos.

    • Hi Allen,

      Right now, our HTML5 implementation requires access to our ReadAPIs. This requires the $499 per month edition. That said, we are working on this. We are still very early in the HTM5 implementation, much more coming soon!

      -David, Brightcove

  2. Hi, anyone know/heard if Ooyala might have plans to respond to Brightcove at the entry-level? I am using the Ooyala free trial and i do like many of the features and the UI – but getting pricing as a smaller user hasn’t been easy.

  3. Interesting to see Brightcove, the “gorilla” of online video platforms, adding new price points. We use an extremely easy to use system with packages starting at $25/month.

    I feel compelled to share this as I have not seen anything on the market that comes close in terms of value. We don’t monetise our videos and vzaar don’t offer monetisation tools so perhaps this is the catch.

  4. Robert, Justin – just a comment from Kaltura on the open source aspect. Kaltura offers exactly what the proprietary platforms offer, but with additional benefits due to our open source strategy.

    With Kaltura, publishers can either go with a fully hosted solution at the most affordable prices, with tier 1 hosting and streaming, analytics, monetization, content managment etc. Or they can self-host the platform behind their own firewall and either opt to use Kaltura’s services or not – something no other video platform can offer. There is no vendor lock-in.

    Our partnership with LongTail Video is geared to allow publishers with even more flexibility and options for creating their own video experience to fit their specific needs.

    As this market becomes even more commoditized and it becomes harder to tell the various video platforms apart, Kaltura’s unique open source platform is definitely something to consider.

    • Hi Lisa –

      Thanks for the clarification, and above you claim Kaltura is the “open source platform”.

      After investigating Kaltura it doesn’t appear it’s really opensource. Am I missing something? Where can you download the encoding ingest engine and optimize it? The flash player AS3 code? Instead you provide an API just like everyone else does.

      Opensource is WordPress/RedHat/PHP/Apache/Hadoop. All these opensource efforts are easily downloadable, modifiable, and have a community contributing to it.

      You can read about the formal definition here:

      If you don’t provide the core framework as opensource, you are misusing the word “the opensource platform” and am surprised others are not extremely upset about how misleading this could be.

      Look forward to being shown the framework is 100% downloadable and proven wrong as I think the concept is great.


      • Hi Rob,

        Thanks for the questions – Kaltura’s platform is indeed open source and is available for download on our community website –

        On, you can either download our various open source widgets, applications, or client libraries – or you can download Kaltura Community Edition – the 100% free open source self-hosted version of the platform –

        I suggest you spend some time on and you’ll find a great community (some of which are already contributing their own code), and all of the code for download.

        I hope that clarifies and “proves you wrong” – we’d be happy to answer any questions, and I can connect you to our community manager for a deeper technical discussion if needed as well.


  5. Pretty impressed with this express offering. Signed up for a trial yesterday and have to say that the player creator and analytics, in my opinion, are stellar at the $99 offering. Very nice Brightcove. Interested in seeing how you guys execute

      • A few comments on the Kaltura/LongTail story:

        1. Love Opensource but video is complicated – I personally use wordpress and love it, with video it’s a little more complicated and takes a little more resources regardless of companies backing it.

        2. If you have resources (dev team for custom installation, biz dev for CDN relationships, designer for player) to support that route, it’s certainly a viable option. I think alot of these newspaper companies would benefit from eventually going this route, after they have learned what they want from Framework companies like BC/Ooyala/Viddler.

        3. Economies of Scale – as a service provider more bandwidth you purchase, better price point you can leverage for your customers. Due to opensource nature of these platforms, price points won’t be as nice if you aren’t going to be the next big thing. This isn’t apparent now, but it will be in next year or so.

        4. Build on frameworks keeps you on cutting edge, till your ready to jump – You will learn a ton by partnering with a professional solution. What you like, dislike, wish you had. If you’re unsatisfied and costs are racking up, and know exactly what you want, you’ll be an educated opensource user when you take the dive.

        Any case.. thanks for the share on the partnership announcement. Certainly interesting!

  6. Folks can easily rent their own servers from a datacenter for less than $99/month. That would probably include at least 1mbps bandwidth/mo. (Brightcove offers about .4mbps for $99). I’m not sure $1100/year for 40 videos and .4mbps/mo is “entry-level”.

    I don’t get it. What does Brightcove offer that isn’t boiler plate or available elsewhere much cheaper? I smell desperation.

    On the Brightcove site, it says; “More of the world’s top organizations and brands rely on Brightcove than any other online video platform.” It doesn’t clarify more than what? This is their #1 reason to use brightcove, but it only provides a link to their customer list.

    The list has mostly corporate and cable network labels. It then says on their site; “We are also the only truly global online video platform vendor with delighted customers and partners in nearly 30 countries and permanent offices throughout the US, Europe, and Asia.” Delivering “delightful” feelings? Not exactly what I look for in a business service. And who are the partners? Investors or cooperators?

    What makes the “entry-level” deals smell funny is the list of customers. For example, AFL-CIO is a listed customer. I go to their website and their video content is linked from Youtube. Maybe they’re using Brightcove for other content. It’s a long list to scrutinize.

    Another piece that doesn’t fit is why they would create an entry-level service that is nothing more than an overpriced basic service. Their client list is comprised of public and private companies with large operating expenses, so how would the service benefit the average small-business or we producer? $1100/year is not chump change.

    If I were to guess, I would say Brightcove needs the cash rather than the idea they’re improving on the marketplace. Let’s not forget that Caveat Emptor is the favored doctrine of our times.

  7. this is good, have looked at all the big suppliers and was not going to go with Brightcove due to price point but now will seriously reconsider, are these packages available in the UK?

  8. I use Veeple as the platform my my car dealership and their price point of $99 with 10,000 views is enough for us. The integration of files, links and analytics is near perfect. We look to keep costs to a minimum but I hope to see Brightcove’s price point become more competitive with Veeples, simply as a cost to cost comparison.

    • Hi Chris –

      Thanks for the nice words regarding Veeple. It is important to also note that with our price of $99 you get 100% of what we offer with no user or storage limitations. Furthermore, we provide the world’s most advanced interactive and analytics features at our entry level price.

      All the best,

  9. Nice to see Brightcove is adding competition but when I looked at a video solution for my small financial services firm, I tried Brightcove and read reviews. Techcrunch captured it when they were comparing one of the competitive offerings. From the link above “The entire management experience is meant to be a large step up from that of Brightcove (and having suffered through Brightcove’s confusing user interface myself, Delve’s UI certainly appears much more intuitive).” My experience with the Brightcove trial is that it is probably good if you are New York Times or one of their giant customers who have expert resources and dedicated teams but it’s just too doggone complicated for businesses like mine that don’t have that luxury. It reminds me of the Windows so-called Smartphone I used to have. Trying to cram something designed for a much bigger scenario into a smaller setting just doesn’t work. You are much better off with something purpose-built and has the usability of the iPhone.

  10. This development definitely changes the dynamic in the competitive Online Video Platform (OVP) space, which seems to be changing weekly. First Kaltura announces an open source version of their video delivery platform. Then Veeple announces the availability of their InterPlay API for 3rd party video players. Now Brightcove releases downstream pricing suitable for small and medium sized businesses. I wonder if any monetization tools will be available in Brightcove Express – but that might be asking for too much at the price point.

    It’s an exciting time to be a content creator in online video, but it isn’t getting any easier to choose an Online Video Platform.