Video: Quincy Smith On Hulu: The Service Is Freakin’ Badass, But…


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Quincy Smith, the outgoing head of CBS Interactive (NYSE: CBS), spoke last week at NewTeeVee Live conference in SF, where he spoke about the future of online video, and the tension between online and the traditional TV side. A great line about promo value of online video for networks: “3 minutes of Beyonce might potentially hurt an entire album of Beyonce, but two minutes of CSI might be the greatest thing that could ever to the 44 minutes of CSI that we put out weeknight on CSI or our affiliate partners.”

When asked about Hulu, he professed to be a fan: “the service is freakin’ badass and Jason is an extremely great product guy, GM and a guy who can sell.” It is not a question of the product, it is a question of the business model. But, “If you put up show now and make it embeddable and make it available 12 AM Hawaii Time, you are killing these thinks like C3s [Ed: TV ratings which include DVR viewing] and you’re killing the $120 billion opportunity. When Disney (NYSE: DIS) went into Hulu people asked me how does it feel to be alone, and I said the same way CBS is alone in TV; we’re the #1 network…for now, I have to reinforce the big screen because there are 120 billion reasons to. Hulu got extremely successful extremely early, and that might ultimately hurt them…In the end it is not about destinations. It is more about your core content, that it gets seen, that it gets counted, and that we get paid for.”

And this gem: “I may have come to the realization that I may be an investment banker for life…”



It's just early for internet television. When its time for it, it isn't going to be an environment where there are two platforms. Just one: Internet.

Tim Street

This was one of the funniest sessions of NewTeeVee Live. We were all laughing so hard it was impossible to hear.

I'm sad to see Quincy leaving Online Video cause we're losing the smartest man in Web TV. But on a personal note I'm glad he's moving to investment banking because he's so much smarter than me and now I won't have to worry about being on the same panel as him anymore. ;)

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