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Video: U.S. Chief Geek Aneesh Chopra On Broadband, Net Neutrality And Content

The Obama administration execs stopping by the Bloomberg Washington Summit included Aneesh Chopra, the top geek in an administration that prides itself on being tech savvy. Chopra is the first U.S. chief technology officer, a title used to stress the commitment to tech innovation. One sign of his approach: in addition to the vanilla, federal-issue mobile device he carries for government business, Chopra has a self-funded iPhone to keep track of the entrepreneurial space — and his latte calorie count. And, for another, when I mentioned that paidContent covers digital media and entertainment, he offered an anecdote about downloading a movie from an online rental service instead of his cable provider for the same quality.

During our chat (the video embedded below starts after that bit), Chopra spoke about how broadband infrastructure and policy may connect. One excerpt: “Our levers of influence, from my view, are heavier on the core infrastructure question and slowly building out on the edge of policy conditions that encourage the use of technology, broadband-enabled apps all the way out to that which is in the pure private decision making that is my ability to watch a movie, whether I choose it through my computer or I do it through my cable company, which is a fascinating question.”