Taking Corporate Microblogging Mobile


yammer_logoCorporate email is becoming increasingly less effective for project communications in today’s geographically dispersed work teams. It’s gradually being displaced by solutions like Microsoft SharePoint (s msft), instant messaging and even social media tools.

Following the lead of Twitter, microblogging has began to enter the enterprise with Yammer and Present.ly leading the way. presently_logoOver on GigaOM, Jennifer recently wrote a post entitled “Social Network Use in the Office Could Spur Better Enterprise Technology” about the value of social media inside the enterprise and some of the benefits for companies.

The next step is taking corporate microblogging tools mobile. Both Yammer and Present.ly offer iPhone (s aapl) apps (available for free download from the iTunes App Store):

Yammer: The open-source Yammer iPhone application works similarly to many iPhone blogging clients. With Yammer on the iPhone, you have options to view your Yammer message feed securely; view received messages; view Yammer feeds including direct messages, sent messages, liked messages, bookmarked messages and RSS feeds; access to the directory of users;  and settings where you can view your push settings. The app is clean and easy to use.


Present.ly for iPhone provides secure remote access to the Present.ly microblogging platform. Its features include the ability to post updates; send direct messages to individuals or teams; view a timeline with replies, direct messages and updates; and support for attachments.  While I like using the Present.ly web interface, during testing it took me a couple of tries to get the iPhone app to connect to my account I set up for this post.


Do you currently use Yammer or Present.ly from your iPhone? Share your experience below.?



We are starting to use Yammer. People are sometimes lost and the most frequent question I have heard from others is why do not need yet another communication tool? Not many people post either – probably 5% of those who signed up.


Well-put article! We’ve been using Present.ly for 7 months. It’s amazing! People who never spoke up are now sharing their thoughts/idea on a daily basis. We manage projects and share updates all the time. We use the mobile app too as we have a lot of employees traveling or working from home.

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