BlackBerry Will Remain Market Leader Through 2014: Analyst


Google’s (s goog) Android OS-based phones and Apple’s (s aapl) iPhone maybe get all the media love, but one analyst firm believes that it will be RIM’s (s rimm) BlackBerry that will be the smartphone king of the U.S. market in five years. Pyramid Research expects the device to be the biggest beneficiary of the move to smartphones.

According to their research, smartphones represented 31 percent of the new handsets sold in the U.S. in 2009, more than double from 15 percent in 2007. They expect 60 percent of the new handsets to be sold in 2014 to be smartphones. The BlackBerry, which currently has 50 percent of the total U.S. smartphone market, will see that share decline to 37 percent, but the increase in terms of total smartphone sales is going to keep it ahead.




When i went to london i swear everyone had iPhones. It was ridicolous! I think iPhones will move much more forward because of their compatibility with ipods, etc.


It’s probable that RIM will retain it’s lead, although some other handset maker, Samsung or LG maybe, that makes a big push for Android in its lineup, will give RIM a run for its money. It’s highly doubtful that Apple will even retain that 15% share. For Apple, anything over a 10% marketshare, it sees as too many of the unwashed masses using the product, diminishing its “cool” sheen.


Dave Smith wrote: “this data is bunch of crap. no one could have predicted the rise of Apple and future market share is a matter of future products these companies will be launching..”

Dave is correct. Making such specific predictions 5 years in the future of Tech makes this article nothing more than propaganda for RIM and it’s #1 ally, the God that Om worships, Microsoft.

Dave Smith

this data is bunch of crap. no one could have predicted the rise of Apple and future market share is a matter of future products these companies will be launching..

Adrian Cockcroft

Where is the link to the report? At least to their summary….

I think they are wrong, every analyst I’ve seen so far has under-predicted Apple market share, and almost everyone I know who used to have a Blackberry has an iPhone now. The holdouts are the people who are stuck on Verizon, so when Apple goes non-exclusive they will hoover up much more market share. In France, where Apple is on all four main providers, they have a very high market share now.


Everyone knows the analysts just “blowing in the air”…specially when t comes to say what will happen in 2014….my “guess” is they may be right on BlackBerry being a strong player in North America come 2014…I can blow in the air too my friend…:-)



The pie charts are more of eye charts and very unreadable. Any chance you can post a table with this data? Secondly – I am very curious what they see in terms of market share for apple.



It would be nice if you could just touch up the pie charts. They are very difficult to read.

Actually they look very amateurish in a professionally looking site like yours.

The findings are an interesting read as a similar analysis has been done globally. We believe that the iPhone would do better.

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