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Yidio Raises Funding for Web TV and Movie Discovery

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yidioYidio, an 18-month-old startup that has acquired 4 million unique visitors and 32 million page views per month through word-of-mouth, is making a splash today at our NewTeeVee Live conference with the announcement it’s raised an angel round. The company aggregates premium web content to help viewers find TV shows and movies online. Clearly a lot of people are feeling a need to find an clean and well-organized place for web video so strong they want to create companies around it; Clicker is also launching today at our conference.

The funding, which was led by Appolicious’ Alan Warms, was “in the 500,000 range,” he said. Yidio founder Adam Eatros said the key to the site’s early success has been its self-explanatory episode guides. The company sees itself as a search engine, so it doesn’t shut out unauthorized content, which has probably helped with its traffic as well. After a recent refresh for the site, next up is introducing a discovery engine that uses collaborative filtering to make recommendations, said Eatros.

8 Responses to “Yidio Raises Funding for Web TV and Movie Discovery”

  1. Michael Anderseen

    There is actually a lot of demand for such services and the market is highly divided, with many top players.

    We have the “legal” websites: Yidio,,, Ovguide and the new Clicker

    There are also a lot of very large, clearly illegal ones: surfthechanel, watchmovies, tvshack, tvduck.

    This will turn out in quite a battle for market share and for survival (for those that engage in active piracy).

  2. timekeeper

    I still don’t understand the business model. Isn’t this what Veoh was doing years ago?

    4 Million visits a month without a revenue stream just looks like a lot of red ink on the books.

  3. Jessica Sterner

    For an 18 month old company with very little funding, 4 million visitors a month is quite impressive.

    Will be interesting to see where Yidio heads in the future. Definitely worth keeping an eye on!

  4. timekeeper


    Use the efficiencies of an internet based application to focus on niches as opposed to the mainstream. How Chris Andersonesque of you! It sounds interesting but the VC’s would never buy in. Where do you get the millions of visits per month with the potential to grow to 100’s of millions? Being a niche player really limits your market size.

    What the VCs don’t appreciate is that once you define and dominate your niche you become untouchable. In the mainstream, there is always someone with a different angle on the business model to knock you off the top. In a niche, being king of the hill has real competitive advantage.

  5. timekeeper

    All that traffic data is all fine and dandy but the links to “illegal” sites that show the video is not so cool. Sure they are just pointing to sites that already have the content available and don’t assume any culpability but just ask the Pirate Bay how well that defense works.

    It goes to how you how investors are itching to get into this space and feel that millions of eyeballs will be their salvation. “think of all the ad revenue we could generate” (Wringing of hands but emptying of wallets) Suckers.