Genius Gadget Lust: Folding UK Three-pin Plug


Here in the UK, we use very bulky three-pin earthed electric plugs for our 240V AC system. In normal domestic use, these plugs are satisfyingly chunky and solid, but if you need to go on the road, not only do they take up a much larger amount of space in your bag than European or U.S. plugs (particularly if you have more than one), if not well packed they can end up damaging your precious gadgets.

So when I saw this video of a concept design for an innovative folding three-pin plug, I was astounded. Not only does the clever folding design save space in your bag and keep the pins from damaging your electronics, the folded plug can then be used to save space in multi-outlet wall adapters. I really hope that it can pass the various safety checks and makes it into production — I would happily pay a premium for it.

(via Unclutterer)

Have you seen a genius bit of product design like this lately? Let us know!



One big difference though, mine is available to buy (and by the looks of it took at least two years of testing to pass all the relevant safety approvals). The other one is at present vapourware. If it comes to market, I’ll probably buy one – the concept looks stunning. But I won’t be holding my breath.

Simon Mackie

That’s quite slim, Jeremy, but it’s not as compact as the plug that’s demonstrated in the video — that’s what I want :)

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