Yahoo Hires Dallas Morning News Editor To Head Up Local News Effort


Looks like Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) is not going to let rivals AOL (NYSE: TWX) and MSN get all the attention in the local space. The company has hired Anthony Moor, who oversees the Dallas Morning News‘ new media strategy, to lead its local news efforts, Editor and Publisher reports. Moor, who did not respond to our request for comment, writes on his Twitter account that he will “build (a) staff of editors around (the) U.S. who will improve the local news experience on (the Yahoo) frontpage.”

What exactly that will involve is unclear. However, as part of its home page overhaul this summer, Yahoo added a local news module — and now automatically includes headlines from local news sources on (See screenshot above).

The hiring comes as both MSN and AOL have ramped up their own local efforts. The overhauled, for instance, includes a new ‘local edition,’ which lets users see local weather, traffic, news stories, and restaurant reviews in one place.


Brett Hallinan

Yahoo’s management has turned over so many times they can’t leverage past experience and all the lessons learned. I’m surprised to see they would consider building a local news staff. Hopefully this is a misinterpretation by the media and the phrase “staff of editors” refers to a team deciding what 3rd party news stories should be displayed vs writing local content. They shouldn’t pursue content origination or any form of publishing. As seen in the past, it simply is not their strength and doesn’t provide the scale or ROI needed. Yahoo should focus on aggregating what local content is already out there, leverage existing community tools, improve the user experience and rebuild the business model. The Yahoo Yellow Page user experience is painful and no longer a useful utility because of over monetization. Where the Local platform overemphasizes user generated content, adding a lot of noise to the user experience. They need to find a happy medium. Hopefully that’s Mr Moors focus.


Though, I am glad you at Yahoo have hired aperson with exspirence in this position and furthermore, feel that News is the best information still above social networking sites. I would like to say: " The Best way to stream-line News and up to the minute as well. I think Internet networks should do reporting instead of getting there Information from other news outlets."

This is b/c I feel you all Risk second hand information that has that Possible Risk in someone Not having accurate Information on a story and simply Hype a Vauge or uneventful story into a national spot-light. Yahoo, should be the leader in exspanding just exactly what News should be about concerning the Internet! A new Frontier! Anyways, I am Glad too see you all are hiring peole to properely set a standard and not just do a story because of a Ratings stigma most News organization's hold there botton line too.

Thank You,
Rick Poplar Bluff, Missouri

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