Playdom’s Big Round Fuels First Two Acquisitions: iPhone, Facebook Game Developers

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Fresh off a $43 million first round of funding, comes news that social gamer Playdom has made its first two acquisitions: Facebook game developer Green Patch and iPhone game developer Trippert Labs. Financial terms were not disclosed. The news was first reported by ISG; Playdom has since issued a release.

Updated: Green Patch founders David King and Ashish Dixit are joining Playdom as a VP and an executive producer, respectively; their team of 15 developers and designers is coming on board as well. Trippert Labs CEO Omar Siddiqui will serve as Playdom’s new VP of production; the company said adding Trippert Labs will increase its development capacity by “more than 25 percent.”

King and Dixit launched Green Patch in 2008. Its first game was (lil) Green Patch, which let users help save a rainforest by sending virtual plants to each other; sponsors donate money for every 10 patches given, so more money gets raised as the game spreads. Its most popular game currently has more than six million active monthly users. Meanwhile, Siddiqui founded Trippert Labs in 2007; past games include MobRacer and Fighter Jets.

The acquisitions make Playdom a more complete company in the social gaming space. Playdom has seen most of its success with MySpace games, and launched Mobsters: Big Apple, its first iPhone game, in July; the addition of Green Patch bolsters its presence on Facebook, while Trippert Labs expands its iPhone development capabilities.

And even though Green Patch is much smaller than Playdom, the two companies have a common “enemy” — Zynga — which is suing them both, per ISG. Zynga’s suing Green Patch for copyright infringment; its lawsuits against Playdom allege that Playdom stole trade secrets and mislead players with sketchy ads.

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