IAB And Bain: Online Pubs Need To Give Marketers A ‘Triple-Play’ Of DR, Branding And Engagement

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You don’t need a white paper to tell you that marketers aren’t satisfied with current online ad formats, but a study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and consultant Bain & Co. may have some ways of addressing that. Advertisers want media companies to provide “a true triple-play service model,” which will include everything from direct response to awareness to high impact brand engagement, said Bain’s John Frelinghuysen, who co-authored the study. Among the advice dispensed in the study is the suggestion that publishers create different segments on their sites that would appeal to advertisers doing a branding campaign and separate ad segment for those who are looking for direct response.

Another recommendation is that publishers have to create a strong sales force to go after the more lucrative branding dollars. On top of that, sites should offer clear choices of full-service ads for brand campaigns, while also providing self-serve options as well. Many sites have already been doing a lot of this work. But there’s even more who aren’t, so the IAB hopes that by making a formal endorsement, it can get these practices more widely adopted. Release


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