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Coming To Your Living Room In 2010: A Boxee Box

One more set-top box vying for a spot between the TV, the cable/DVR box and the Xbox or PS3 … Streaming media browser Boxee has sealed its first deal with a consumer electronics company, meaning that a Boxee-branded set-top box is currently in development. The company will show mock-ups of the box — though not a physical version — at a launch party in NYC on December 7. Until then, it’s keeping mum on who the electronics partner is.

CEO Avner Ronen told us that the company had been in talks with potential manufacturing partners, both for an actual set-top box, and to get Boxee’s platform integrated into web-enabled TVs. The idea is to get Boxee in the living room “no matter whether it’s on a Connected TV, game console, set-top box, BluRay player, computer, etc,” he said, on the company’s blog. Boxee “hopes” to launch the box in the first half of 2010, telling us it will be priced to compete with other set-tops like AppleTV and Roku (likely in the $99-$199 range).