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Verizon to Launch an iPhone Next Year?

iphone3gThe mobile space has long buzzed with rumors of a Verizon (s vz) Wireless version of the iPhone, and according to Northeast Securities, the device may finally arrive next year. Citing its supply-chain checks, the financial services firm said in a research note issued today that Apple (s aapl) will launch a WCDMA/CDMA2000-enabled version of the device — not an LTE version — through Verizon by the summer of 2010.

Northeast Securities’ note jibes with a new report from OTR Global via AppleInsider, which claims that Apple plans to roll out a hybrid iPhone — enabling the Cupertino company to sell a single global handset “to all carriers” — by the third quarter of next year. Similar to Northeast Securities, OTR Global said the phone would use a new hybrid chip produced by Qualcomm (s qcom) that would allow the iPhone to support Verizon’s network in addition to retaining compatibility with UMTS 3G networks.

As Sebastian noted last month, Apple could benefit greatly from loosening AT&T’s stranglehold on the iPhone in the U.S., and Verizon would surely love to kick out a key pillar of AT&T’s (s t) growth from the past year. While Verizon’s former lone-wolf strategy wouldn’t play well with Apple’s tightly controlled App Store, the nation’s largest carrier seems to have softened its go-it-alone stance as it embraces Google (s goog) with its Droid initiative. A Verizon/Apple tie-up might have been unthinkable to many of us a year ago, but it’s looking more and more like an inevitability.

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  1. To Dolin> You’re not 100% correct. I know at least 4 of us waiting for Verizon to pick up the ‘old’ iPhone. I’m almost sure there are hundreds of thousands of us waiting patiently.

  2. Erik Schwartz

    Unless VZW is willing to pay more to Apple to break AT&T’s exclusivity than AT&T is willing to pay to keep it this scenario seems unlikely.

    The only way this happens is if either Android sales on VZW are a disaster (so VZW needs iPhone and are willing to pay more) or Android sales on AT&T are huge (so AT&T sees they don’t need iPhone).

  3. Apple is not known for supporting old technology and if CDMA2000 had more of a future Verizon would not be accelerating its rollout of LTE. These rumors about the iPhone on Verizon appear every quarter after everyone sees the AT&T gains. A cynic might believe that Verizon is trying to limit the erosion of its top end subscribers and that companies associated with analysts want to sell their shares at as high a price as possible. More detailed thoughts on why the iPhone is unlikely to be on Verizon until LTE is widely deployed but an iTablet might be in

  4. I wish Apple would release a tablet and Verizon would announce an iphone just so I don’t have to deal with the weekly deluge of both of those rumored products in my RSS feed. Isn’t there anything else to speculate on?

  5. Gregg Thurman

    Just not going to happen. If people think ATT’s network is bad, just wait until a million Verizon iPhone users get on Verizon’s network. It’s going to collapse faster than a house of cards.

    As a serious investor in AAPL derivatives, I care deeply who is carrying the iPhone, and how their network may impact. The article referenced above is consistent with the information I have gleaned from several other sources. Verizon’s network just isn’tup to the task, and that could impact iPhone’s rep. I don’t see Apple allowing this.

    • This makes no sense.
      You’re saying that the United State’s second-largest carrier can handle iPhone traffic, but the largest can not?
      BTW – Your link is also broken… hmm…

    • Care to back your claims with data? Everywhere I read, the Apple momentum seems intact. The hype cycle is true – but it works for everyone incl the Droid. They are enjoying the hype currently, so you need more than hype to keep it going.

      • I went and checked out the DROID at Best Buy the day it came out. It can’t hold a candle to the iPhone. First thing is that its extremely clunky and large. Furthermore, the DROID store is a joke…iTunes dominates it.

        Verizon and the iPhone would dominate all other phones.

  6. Frenchfry

    I would think that it is time to add USA T-Mobile 3G to the phone also. If it already has Europe 2100/1900mhz, Then it should not be hard to add USA 2100/1700mhz. If I remember right Australia also is the same 2100/1700mhz.

  7. Interesting that a second source has announced this. I was very suspicious of the OTR report because it was released almost exactly the same time the Droid launched. Perhaps there’s more to this.