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Online Video Rights: Why Technology Isn't Enough to Bring About Change

[qi:_newteevee] This morning’s Video Rights Roundtable was, as we hoped, a rare opportunity for online video industry players to talk about their conflicts and collaborations in the wild — not in a courtroom or conference room.  In a (more than) two-hour discussion, the nearly 50 attendees shared their perspectives on the increasingly complex world of rights, responsibility and opportunities surrounding online video content. Complete liveblog coverage is available at GigaOM Pro (subscription required), and Ryan Lawler was on-site with some additional event coverage at NewTeeVee. More links below the fold (and full event video coming soon!).  

  • In Round One, Ethan Applen, director of technology and business strategy for Warner Bros., talked about copyright enforcement as video content shifts online. While the DVD business was threatened by the emergence of digital piracy, he said that online distribution is even more vulnerable. To approach the problem, he said, the first line of defense is to make illegal consumption of content online more difficult. “That’s what we need to tackle,” he added (subscription required).

One Response to “Online Video Rights: Why Technology Isn't Enough to Bring About Change”

  1. There needs to be more ad supported content and platforms like Hulu enable that and even Netflix is offering a great alternative to piracy with low monthly subscription fee so why cant the content owners embrace more innovative business models and spend less on content protection .

    But what I really want to know is where can I pirate the content mentioned above that is behind GigaOm’s Paywall :p Janko help a brother out !