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iPhone Informer — Touching the iPhone This Week

iphone-3gTime for our Wednesday feature that highlights some of the latest iPhone news! The biggest news item hitting the radar is Apple racing past Nokia in the smartphone market — not in terms of sales or share, but in 0perating profit. Nokia earned about $1.1 billion last quarter, while Apple’s handset division raked in $1.6 billion. Clearly, Nokia sells far more phones than Apple. But Apple doesn’t sell cheap feature phones and they’ve negotiated great subsidy deals on every handset they sell. Smart business and a solid product usually makes for boatloads of money, no?

Speaking of solid products, did you see the Gigaware HD Radio tuner for iPhone? This $80 add-on brings the goodness of HD Radio to your Apple handset and as one would expect, allows for song tagging for later purchases in the iTunes store. Personally, I really like this feature that’s baked into Microsoft’s Zune, but not enough to drop $80 for it on my iPhone 3GS. It doesn’t look all that mobile as it uses a cable to dock to the iPhone. For stationary, docked iPhones it might be appealing. It has to be more appealing than static, which you can’t even listen to on today’s iPhones. ;)

So you can’t listen to terrestrial radio over FM on an iPhone, but you can Tweet until the cows come home. (That’s around 4:30pm in my neighborhood — for realz) Last week, I bought Tweetie2, but I’m already looking at adding the free TweetDeck to my iPhone. There’s a new version out and it incorporates some useful new features like Facebook support, video uploads, landscape composition and more. Have a look and you’ll see why I’m about to “buy” this free app for my iPhone.