Giving Impact Takes Donations Social

Giving Impact LogoI work with a number of nonprofit organizations and associations. A common theme among them is their reliance on fundraising efforts to gather money for their projects.

While some groups may use a content management platform like Wild Apricot (which includes built-in features to help with donation management) for many groups such tools are unavailable or insufficient.

Minds on Design Lab has taken its experiences working with fundraising groups to develop Giving Impact, a web-based service that allows groups to create and track fundraising campaigns, and then take them viral with social media integration.

Campaigns are created and managed on the Giving Impact web site. A branded and customizable widget is created which can then be placed and integrated with just about any site.

Donation transactions are handled end-to-end by Giving Impact, with payments processed through PayPal. Confirmation screens allow donors to share their contributions via Facebook, spreading the word about the project and encouraging others to also contribute.

Giving Impact - Facebook Integration

Giving Impact is an attractive option for groups who are looking to easily integrate their fundraising projects into their web site. The tools are thoughtfully created, and the tracking functionality allows you to easily stay up to date with the status of your campaign.

Giving Impact - Campaign Overview

Giving Impact plans start at $30 per month with a 5 percent transaction charge, with other plans offering reduced transaction charges for higher monthly fees. I worry that the pricing may be a concern for smaller organizations, fearing that the bulk of their donations will be lost to fees, but hopefully the ease of use and availability of the donation widget will increase donations sufficiently to offset the costs. While the app is in its initial launch phase, the transaction charges are being waved until Jan. 1.

How does your group handle donations? Would Giving Impact help you?