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Qik Does DVD-Quality Capture on Droid

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Mobile live-streaming service Qik announced today that you can download its app for the Droid phone from the Android Marketplace, and sign up for early beta access to a high-res version of the Qik client for the Droid that can capture videos in DVD resolution (720×480). The company says it’s the first live mobile provider to enable DVD-quality video capture.

Qik has also improved its capabilities to help users create shortcuts to make sharing Qik-created videos with your contacts or social media sites faster.

In the battle between the iPhone and the Droid, the Droid wins on the live-streaming front because, well, it actually streams live video. The iPhone lets you record video for uploading later.

4 Responses to “Qik Does DVD-Quality Capture on Droid”

  1. HerrXRDS

    To bad it sucks big time in low light , all I can record at a party are some white spots , even my 4 year old , 1 MP crappy flip phone takes bright , clear videos in low light . Hope it’ll be fixed with an update :(

  2. Please clarify: Is the Droid video camera capturing video locally at DVD-resolution that the phone uploads to the web or is it playing downloaded videos that it downloads in mobile mode at DVD-resolution. Neither case is terribly exciting until the mobile upload and download rates improve, which is to say WiMax. I just got the Sprint U300 USB modem, which does both 3G and 4G, though my VAR advises me that we won’t see the 4G operate in San Francisco until January at the earliest. In the case of QIK, that’s not very many phones in the installed base that will be able to manage the minimum broadband rate requirements. Most trips will be over before much SD content goes uplink or downlink. Right?

    Next we will need to see just how good a job the camera does in motion-stabilization, exposure compensation, and working in low light.