PressReader App for iPhone and BlackBerry — Periodicals in the Hand

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NewspaperDirect, a distributor of digital newspaper and magazines, has launched the PressReader app for both the iPhone and BlackBerry. PressReader presents full reproduction digital copies of major publications in a format that is easy to navigate on small portable screens, providing the ability to zoom to view any portion of the publication in a clear, easy-to-read manner. The app works with publications sold through the PressDisplay site.

PressReader has been completely optimized for both the iPhone and the BlackBerry, allowing for easy navigation and content duplication on the small screen. Every element of the original newspaper is duplicated exactly, from ads and articles, to cartoons. PressReader for iPhone and BlackBerry are available at no charge from the iTunes App Store and the BlackBerry App World respectively.

PressReader for iPhone

PressReader for BlackBerry

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ever heard of fast or quick reading methods to read books and news papers??? ever heard of the “physical way” of reading ??? ….. yes? then you’ll know that these apps are chunk on a display that disrupts any content, because these displays simply were not made for this sort of usage. Developers show us this sort of “using by walking on the display” since the early days of wince …. it then did suck, it sucks now and it will suck in future

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