Nokia N900 Now Shipping — With New Enhancements


Did you pre-order a Nokia (s nok) N900? You’ll want to check your mail for a tracking number today because Nokia confirmed that the first shipments of its Maemo phone are on the way. SlashGear got the official word at a Nokia event earlier today and also got a sneak peek at the latest new features and functions. Check out the video presentation they captured, which is actually most impressive — the on-screen presentation is done with a Nokia N900 using the included video-out cable.

In the demo, you’ll see how the N900 pulls down contact pics from Twitter and Facebook so that your Address Book has a nice photo of your fave friends. There’s also a quick look at the podcatching application, although all of the examples were YouTube video feeds. I suspect that the app will grab audio-only podcasts as well. All in all, the N900 hardware is looking pretty polished and offers a unique user interface. But is that enough for widespread success? In some cases, it’s close, but not guaranteed.



It’s still not a mass market device but a geek device, mass market will catch later on. ;)

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