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New Moon Red Carpet to Stream Live on MySpace

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MySpace will exclusively host a live-stream of the red carpet activities before the premiere of the new Twilight Saga installment, New Moon, the site announced today. The video goes live at 6 p.m. PT on Monday, Nov. 16.

Can we just say, if the Internet were ever to break under the stress of it all, you can bet the cause would be a lethal combination of Twilight and live video. Which stars will bring which other stars as their dates to the New Moon? Heck, the whole world might come to an end.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Trailer and Premiere Announcement

New Moon Premiere | MySpace Video

MySpace said it will pick one lucky fan to co-host red carpet interviews alongside Anya Marina, writer and performer of the song Satellite Heart from the New Moon soundtrack. Other fans will be able to participate via questions posed online to the stream and later, live chats with the cast during the film’s opening week (it actually comes out to the public Nov. 20).

Red carpets are the hot new category in live-streaming events, with the premiere of Michael Jackson’s This Is It drawing 1.8 million viewers late last month. Though as we’ve said in the past, live access to the red carpet is a painful tease as Internet fans always get cut off when the event actually starts.

We’ve been impressed with MySpace’s smooth and high-quality live streaming for previous events like Michael Jackson’s memorial service, but don’t recall who its previous tech partners were. The New Moon red carpet will be outsourced to Ustream, which is not always the best quality but tends to be reliable (so probably a good choice given the potential volume of interest for a Twilight exclusive). A representative for MySpace said the site was able to get the red carpet live stream exclusively due to a larger deal between MySpace and Summit Entertainment for New Moon that includes extensive promotion on the site’s movies, music and video sections as well as its homepage.

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