BlackBerry Buzz — New Developer Tools; Adobe Joins the ‘Berry; New Google Maps


blackberry-buzzIt’s Tuesday and that can only mean it’s time for our weekly feature, BlackBerry Buzz. The Buzz is where you’ll find out what’s been going on in the BlackBerry brambles. You’ll hear about everything that’s worth knowing in the awesome world of the BlackBerry. RIM (s rimm) released new developer tools this week to help in both the creation and the monetization of apps for the BlackBerry. The tools include new services for handling ads and payments on the phone, along with making it easier to use push services and location-based services.

Adobe (s adbe) and RIM announced a partnership to help create richer Flash-based apps for the BlackBerry. This joint venture goes beyond video consumption, it is intended to merge Flash technology into the BlackBerry developer tools to make it easier to create enabled apps.

Google has released a new version of Google Maps for the BlackBerry. It is not clear what is new in version 3.2.1, although I can tell you for certain it doesn’t add that cool Navigation capability. To get the update just visit from your ‘Berry. Version 3.2 was only added a short while ago, and that version added the useful Layers function to Maps. This new update is probably just an incremental batch of fixes, but better get it just in case.

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