Hoping To Sell More DVDs, Fox Launches ‘FoxPop’ Trivia App

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has partnered with app developer Spot411 to launch FoxPop, a new computer and iPhone app that syncs up with content on a DVD or Blu-Ray disc, to create a more interactive experience. Users download the free app, and it “listens” to the film’s content, serving up facts and trivia about events or objects shown on screen. Viewers can also post comments about the movie in real-time to Facebook and Twitter.

If it sounds a bit like BD Live, the platform that studios like Warner Bros have been using to add features like games and IMs to Blu-Ray discs, that’s because it is. That Fox chose to work with a third-party developer — and invest the resources into making its movies compatible with Spot411’s software — could be an indication that the studio isn’t confident that BD Live will ever gain significant traction. The first films that will use FoxPop include Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian and 500 Days of Summer; the studio plans to incorporate FoxPop into other movies over the coming months.

FoxPop is different from BD Live in that its designed to run alongside a movie on a second screen; instead of having the content show up on the TV while people are watching it, for example, they can update Facebook or get a trivia question on their computer or iPhone. The companies plan to add features like games and photo galleries to future releases. Orange, Calif.-based Spot411 has created similar apps that work with content in movies like Disney’s Wall-E and Warner Bros.’ Gran Torino. The company was founded earlier this year by Ajay Shah and former Fox cable marketing exec Randy Shiozaki.