Zune HD Firmware Updates — Predictive Text, Better Keyboard, Desktop Site View


Thanks to a firmware update, Microsoft addressed some of the little niggles in the Zune HD. Matt Miller upgraded his device to version 4.3 and sees a fair number of positive changes:

  • Faster web browser
  • Option in browser for desktop or mobile sites
  • Predictive text in the keyboard
  • Auto capitalization
  • Larger landscape keyboard
  • Toggle between seek or presets for radio
  • Support for future 3D games
  • Other minor updates and improvements, not specifically identified

The above video — which is ironically silent showing off an audio device — offers a glimpse of what Matt is seeing after his update. The predictive text and keyboard enhancements alone are worth the free price of admission for the upgrade.



No bluetooth + no custom EQ = no Zune HD for me

Where’s the love Microsoft? I wanna stream my tunes in the car and have a 7-band equalizer to shape my sound. I feel the audiophiles have been left out.


The video does have the sound of the clicking keys but no narration.

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