Use HTML 5 to View YouTube Vids Without Flash



When I saw a version of Google Maps in HTML 5 earlier this year, I was impressed. I simply couldn’t tell the difference between it and a Maps version coded in some true programming language. Next up on the list is YouTube viewer in HTML 5 that works without using Adobe Flash. NeoSmart wrote up a YouTube viewer in HTML 5 and although it might not work on every browser, it does work on Google Chrome on Mac — I was able to watch one of our latest videos directly in my browser without any plug-ins. Here’s what the NeoSmart folks say:

“HTML5 poses the answer providing a way for browsers to use the native implementations to render videos directly in the browser without resorting to ActiveX and 3rd-party browser plugins… it just has yet to be embraced. But now you can uninstall Flash and enjoy your online videos in peace. Just go to and enter the URL of a video to watch it in the embedded HTML5 viewer. Yes, you can skip, skim, pause, resume away to your heart’s content.”

Of course, I tried this on mobile browsers but they’re simply not there yet. The iPhone 3GS, Palm Pre and T-Mobile G1 all rendered a message saying “You must have an HTML 5 capable browser.” We know that HTML 5 is coming soon — as is Flash for most handsets — but it can’t come soon enough for me on the mobile side. I’d rather not use a dedicated YouTube application to view vids if I can simply watch them more efficiently in a native browser.


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It looks like the web is going to be standardised more. I would love to see the Internet explorer to abide this atleast.
If not better stick to firefox for that matter.

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We have already woried with the lots of cookies this flash player places in client. More over the flash player is unsecured, and the hackers are all started working on breaking the Flash. So anything natively running in browsers are always welcome…


I really welcome this new viewer without flash. as it doesnot need any external component. Regarding this if the browser supports html 5 you can enjoy a lot of multi media capablities


I love how a site dedicated to avoiding using flash has a flash ad on it


I found this firefox plug-in called noscript, it can stop most flash ad’s. The credit goes to UMPCPORTAL, it reduces the system usage for the browser, increasing speed of page load, the difference is amazing.

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