Samsung to Follow the Crowd: Ditching Windows Mobile

leakWindows Mobile gets no respect from smartphone makers, with a number of them already deserting the phone OS for alternatives. An investment note claims that consumer electronics giant Samsung is also scaling back the phones it will produce using WinMo. HMC Investment Securities analyst Greg Noh says that Samsung’s phone line will drop from 80 percent WinMo currently, to 50 percent next year and down to 20 percent in 2012.

Samsung is expected to increase its use of Android to 30 percent of its product line next year, and keep its usage at that level. The usage of Symbian on Samsung phones will drop to just a few percent, with dropping it entirely planned for 2011.

The analyst goes on to claim that Samsung is developing its own smartphone OS, and it will start appearing on its phones next year. The new proprietary OS usage will expand to gradually encompass half of Samsung’s product line.

“If accurate, the switch in strategy may reflect a combined larger exodus away from Windows Mobile for those major firms that still use the platform. HTC, the largest single Windows Mobile device maker, has already been rumored as switching more than half of its 2010 phones to Android. LG has signed a pact with Microsoft to make Windows Mobile phones but even now has introduced its first Android phone and is said by HMC to be extending its use significantly more.”


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