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Ribbit Mobile Enters Beta; Invitations Available for WWD Readers

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Ribbit - Ribbit Mobile_1257727137025The folks at Ribbit Mobile are offering 100 invitations to WebWorkerDaily readers for the beta of their new communication service. Just sign up on the reservations page, and enter the invite code “wwd09” in the appropriate box.

Ribbit Mobile has more features than Google Voice, and reminds me a bit of VoxOx, which I wrote about a few days ago. This service looks very promising, but, like VoxOx, it isn’t finished yet. I’ve been unable to test it fully, because it doesn’t yet support Sprint cellphones. I also can’t get my contact list to import, either from a CSV file or through Plaxo (the only options Ribbit Mobile supports). I hope to post a fuller review soon.

Try it out, and let us know how Ribbit Mobile works for you.

5 Responses to “Ribbit Mobile Enters Beta; Invitations Available for WWD Readers”

  1. Richard Nevis

    I’ve been using / testing Ribbit Mobile for the past day and I have to say it is nothing like Google Voice and not a competitor at all.

    It’s really just a voice mail aggregation and call redirection system. It also let’s you dial out on your computer via a headset just like Skype.

    So in reality, this is just another “voice mail aggregation” tool. The problem here is it only gets your missed calls from your mobile and redirects them to Ribbit, where you can redirect them to another phone number, service, or get a transcribed voice mail message.

    The GUI is a little clunky, it’s clean and nice but the interface buttons are not intuitive…you end up opening a lot of layers that don’t seem to work with what you’re trying to do (like close a voice mail player) and stuff like that.

    Value: voice mail redirection, headset calling from the computer, low value propositions compared to Google Voice.

    In all I don’t see anyone paying $20-$30 for a voice mail aggregation and redirection service. It is silly and not very good if it only works with your mobile.

    The headset dialing is unimpressive — there’s a million of those out there and they all have rate charts posted and very low cost. So really this is nothing like Google voice which gives you a totally new phone number to do with what you wish and centralizes things around a new phone number.