Introducing Ryan Lawler, NewTeeVee’s Newest Staffer


To all readers, commenters, and other esteemed members of the online video ecosystem:

rkl headshotPlease allow me to introduce myself as the newest member of the GigaOM and NewTeeVee team.

For those that don’t know me, I spent the last two years at Contentinople, where I wrote about technology innovation in the digital media realm. When I first started there, I joked in my bio that I covered “all things related to the rapid movement of rich media onto the Web, and the not-so-rapid monetization of it.”

The funny thing is that’s what I’m still writing about nearly two years later.

For the most part, my interest lies in the technology that enables content to move online, and the ways that the market is rapidly changing. That includes the commoditization of the CDN industry, the maturation of video management platforms and monetization tools, and the growing presence of connected consumer electronics devices that bring online video into the living room.

When I first started covering online video, there weren’t very many publications paying much attention to the market, and there were even fewer that covered it particularly well. But NewTeeVee consistently provided great insight into what was happening in online video, and it became one of the few sites that I found myself reading every day.

So when the opportunity presented itself to be a part of that, I couldn’t resist. I’m happy to be joining Liz, Chris, and the rest of the GigaOM team, and hope that I can complement their existing coverage with some of my own. I’m looking forward to working with them and contributing to the site — and of course, interacting with the great community that they’ve built. So feel free to drop me a line, send me hate mail, or tip me off to any wild rumors or speculation that you might hear.


Larry Kless

Bravo Ryan!!
A big Congratulations to you! I was glad to see where you landed and NewTeeVee/GigOm seems like a really a great fit for your journalistic talents. Looking forward to reading your insights, honest analysis on “all things related to the rapid movement of rich media onto the Web, and the not-so-rapid monetization of it.” ;)

Looking forward to catching up with you at some point.

All the best, Larry

Eric Quanstrom

Congratulations Ryan. I trust the GigaOm / NewTeeVee framework will suit your talents well. There is much to report in this market space– and will be for the foreseeable future. Are you relocating to the Left Coast too?

Ryan Lawler


Nope, staying in New York, gonna be their feet on the ground there. But this week I’m in SF covering NewTeeVee Live.


Just so you know, your Mother embarrassed you even further by forwarding this website to all her friends and family! And just like my sister, I’m forwarding this to all my friends too. So Congrats and Good Luck! Love ya!!!!


Congrats Ryan!
I had to check out the new website and embarrass you in front of the millions of readers. Your MOM is very proud of you!
Love ya lots!



Glad to see you are part of the GigaOM family. Great site and look forward to reading your articles.



Greetings, Ryan!

Ok, man. Now that you’re doin’ the NewTeeVee thing, it’s time to lose the coat and tie. We online video types are a casual bunch of creatures that are severely allergic to ties and shirts that are buttoned all the way up. :)


Bite Me TV

Ryan Lawler

Thanks Om & Shiva. Happy to be here.

I’m full-time at GigaOm/NewTeeVee now, and not entirely sure what the plans are for Contentinople now that I’m gone.


Hi Ryan,


You were THE reason why I constantly visited contentinople :-)

Glad Gigaom got you. Now, do you still write to contentinople or others will take over?

All the BEST.

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