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Green Consumer Habits in the Recession: American consumers, with their tendency to make green purchasing choices based on personal self-interest, have more in common with their counterparts in developing economies than one might ever have imagined. — Joel Makower’s Two Steps Forward

Building the EV Ecosystem: “Parts suppliers for electric-powered vehicles, many of them small specialty electronics builders, will have to substantially improve to meet very stringent auto industry quality and reliability requirements.” — Autoblog Green

Cash for a New Clunker: The $3 billion cash-for-clunkers program “was kinda sorta supposed to send inefficient, high-polluting, belchy vehicles to an early grave. Instead it put a lot of new large, inefficient vehicles on the road.” — Grist

Real Climate Bill Fun Starts Next Week: The climate bill isn’t going to live or die on its environmental credentials, but rather on its cost. So decisions made in Sen. Max Baucus’ finance committee hearing on the bill next week could make or break public support. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Sunflower Goes to Masdar: Energy Innovations announced that it has signed a contract to provide its “Sunflower” concentrator photovoltaic system for installation in Masdar City, near Abu Dhabi.