BlackBerry Devs Courted with Push Features, Time Travel, In-App Ads and Payment


blackberry_tourh4webResearch In Motion’s Developer Conference is currently in session and the phone maker has some useful new functions to offer programmers. Aside from reinforcing their partnership with Adobe for Flash on BlackBerry, RIM is offering these goodies to make for better software:

  • BlackBerry Advertising Service — An innovative service that enables developers to integrate advertising into their BlackBerry applications
  • BlackBerry Payment Service — Enables in-application transactions and streamlined payment processes; providing developers with new ways to monetize their applications
  • General availability of BlackBerry Push Service — Allows registered developers and content providers to deliver  time-sensitive alerts and up to 8 KB of data to applications
  • Three new location services — Cell site geolocation, reverse geocoding and travel time services will empower developers to create highly responsive, location-aware applications

The travel time service API sounds most unique to me. With it, a program can use the estimated travel time to a location, based on where the phone is, speed limits and aggregate traffic data. Unfortunately, this feature as well as nearly all of the others won’t be seen in the BlackBerry SDK until sometime in the first half of 2010. To me that means we won’t see many apps take advantage of these features until the second half of the year.

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