Interview: NYT’s Denise Warren: Things Are Looking Up — But Ask Again Next Week

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The New York Times continued to struggle with display in Q3, as revenues from those ads were down about 18 percent. But GM Denise Warren says she is seeing some nascent signs of a turnaround there. As the crucial holiday season approaches, she says auto, healthcare and luxury marketers are telling her that they are ready to begin spending again.

“Absolutely, there are signs that things are looking up,” Warren, also SVP and chief advertising officer at the New York Times (NYSE: NYT) Media Group, told paidContent. “But I just got a news alert about the latest jobless figures (10.2 percent) and you have to be careful. So you can say things are looking a little better, but then you see another number like this and you have to wonder what that is going to mean. It could paralyze the consumer. But we don’t know. It

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Could it be that NYT display is down Q3 to Q3 due to all the political ads last year? That was the WaPo's rationale. Still don't understand why Times is not willing to break out display revs from the online total.

Also, Ms Warren needs to read her own paper: tax credit to first time home buyers was extended. Real estate should indeed pick up.

for more on display ad trends, see:

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