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Rumor Has It: Verizon iPhone in Q3 2010

Even as Verizon (s vz) continues attacking AT&T’s (s att) comparatively poor network with new ads, and by proxy the iPhone, the latest rumor has Apple developing a “worldmode” iPhone capable of running on any network.


The three holiday-themed ads, “Blue Christmas,” “Elves,” and “Misfit Toys,” each highlight the weakness of AT&T’s 3G wireless coverage, but the latter most directly and hilariously attacks the iPhone. Paying homage to the Rankin/Bass animated classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, a familiar-looking device shows up on the Island of Misfit Toys, the place where defective toys are exiled. When the misfits ask why such a great toy that can download apps and browse the web is there, the familiar lackluster coverage map pops up.

The message of each commercial is the same: bad networks ruin even a great phone. AppleInsider is now reporting that perhaps Apple feels the same way, and is preparing to do something about it.

Based on a report from research firm OTR Global “citing sources in the Taiwan handset supply chain,” the hybrid iPhone will use a new chip from Qualcomm allowing it to function on both CDMA and GSM networks. The hybrid iPhone will be available in the third quarter of 2010, which makes sense, as previous reporting puts the end of AT&T’s exclusivity agreement in 2010. Unfortunately, things stop making sense right there.

The research note also states the new iPhone has a 2.8″ screen, compared to 3.5″ for current iPhones. AppleInsider notes rumors from last year about an iPhone with a smaller screen, which turned out to be false, at least at the time.  However, there is another possibility besides a smaller iPhone, that being a smaller iPhone.

What seems more likely at this stage of iPhone development, a major redesign of the existing model or the addition of an iPhone nano? Looking back at the history of the iPod would suggest the latter. Following Palm’s lead with its second webOS phone, the Pixi, Apple could even leave out Wi-Fi to further differentiate the iPhone nano from the iPhone. Actually, a smartphone without Wi-Fi in 2009 would belong on the Island of Misfit Toys, so scratch that, but a “free” iPhone nano under contract would undoubtedly find its way under many a tree this year.

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  1. I agree with Happy iPhone User above-

    I have always had stellar customer service with ATT. I’ve been with them for almost 4 yrs and have bundled packages (but not uverse bcuz we dont need it). They have at least 3-4x refunded charges that were actually [my] error. ie: one time, $90 worth of texting charges bcuz I went way over my limited plan. I called them up, they got me on unltd plan for $10/month AND they erased the $90 error. Like I said something like that happened at least 3-4x in my history with them. They’ve refunded at least $2-300. My experience has been great. Waay better than my time with Verizon, tho I understand it’s always diff for diff people.

    I will say that the prices will hopefully get more competitive when Apple releases capability to other providers next summer?

    Right now, I’m gearing up to get another iPhone and renew my ATT contract for another 2 yrs. My current phone(needing to be replaced) was not an iPhone bcuz I wasn’t happy with the 3Gs last spring because of battery life and (back then) speed and the lack of horizontal keyboard. Now, I’m willing to compromise even tho the short battery life still hasn’t been rectified.. So this is a good time [for me] to upgrade. I’m willing to do this now even tho it’s probably the worst time to buy an iPhone(6-8 months b4 the next model and more providers added means dropped provider prices, etc.) because ATT has been really good to me.

    Otherwise, here in LA, I’ve never had any dropped call problems. [?]

  2. Happy Iphone User

    Weird. All I had were problems with Verizon. Never had a phone that worked (except one). I had 12 phones in one year (all tested and deemed defective except one, the LG4400 which was a good phone) and could never get service even when any one of my phones were working temporarily. I was not please with Verizons customer service and phone support was not much better.

    Remembering back, I took one of my phones to the Huntington Beach store where the manager did deam my 7th phone that year difective. I remember waiting for the manager to come out of the back room when one of their employees said to me “Can you get the f*ck out of this store now? I have a date tonight and you are making me late.” I apologized and told the employee “I do apologize but my job requires me to be on call. I dont mean to make you late for your date.” Subsequently I did receive a brand new upgraded phone (on promotion) along with an apology. The employee was terminated because the manager who was assisting me walked out of the back and heard what his employee said.

    Later that same year I received a call from Fraud Services telling me According to Verizon customer care, the HB store accidentally gave two phones out in my name to someone who got ahold of my SS# at the HB store. Verizon later found out one persons last name was Cortuise. Although it was their mistake, they asked me to pay the termination fees until they could clear the situation. I said to them, You have got to be kidding me, right? I would not only send the manager of that store to collections, but would sue the manager of that store personally and Verizon for their mistake. Eventually, I was contacted and told the problem was resolved, Verizon ate the termination fees and I never heard back from them.

    After I left Verizon, went to AT&T, got my Iphone and never had one problem. I always have service, even when I travel to AZ which is a Verizon state. I had one slight problem with the phone itself. Apple fixed it and I have never looked back.

    I am not sorry I am an AT&T user.

    Happy IPhone User

  3. Way better ad idea than “there’s a map for that” or “ZOMG we got da friggen Droid!!!~1′!!!” ads. I mean, it’s kinda futile to claim how much the iPhone supposedly sucks. But a poor network coverage is a strong argument, so let’s hope Apple will make a non-provider-bound iPhone. I’m a bit worried about the prices though.
    If you’re in Germany, or if you can go there, you can visit the iPhone Store at Bochum. They’re selling unlocked (actually non-locked) iPhones. See

  4. I remember there was an article on this blog, telling the truth about the Verizon network.

    An iPhone without Wi-Fi, it would emphasize Apples reputation as the company without major features. Missing UMTS almost killed the iPhone for the wider audience. So you can’t cut such a major feature from the device.

  5. Hope this is true. I can’t consider the iPhone until it is available on Verizon. My ill-advised switch to AT&T from Verizon has been a nightmare with constant dropped calls.

    • can the AT&T iPhone, tether like the Verizon Wireless Windows Mobile Samsung Omnia, or has Google Voice like the Verizon Wireless Android Droid? hmm, crippled, can the iPhone multi-task? can iPhone apps be downloaded from a developer’s own site or a forum?

  6. UnhappyHarriet

    I have a first generation iPhone. I won’t be purchasing another until I can have a choice of carriers.

    I’ve been looking at other phones. I don’t need the AT&T aggravation.

  7. The 2.8″ screen rumor is a rehash of a rumor a year ago. I still have trouble believing it, and think it makes little sense. However, the hybrid chip for CDMA/GMS phones makes a LOT of sense.

    I’m not saying the rumor is true, just saying it’s a practical move that Apple could make. Even the timing seems right, as the new hardware would likely be introduced on AT&T in June (traditional new iPhone time), and then rolled out to Verizon a quarter later.

    The new set of Verizon ads hammer AT&T, but ease up on the iPhone (no more iDon’ts). Maybe they’re laying off since they’ll be getting the device next year?