WinMo Wrap — HTC HD2 Loving


windows-mobile-6-54The week marches on and today being Saturday means it is time to recap the recent happenings in the world of Windows Mobile. HTC continues to dominate the Windows Mobile world with the confirmation this week that the HD2 will be coming to the U. S. in early 2010. The company was not willing to commit to the pricing nor the carrier that will be selling the HD2.

The HD2 is looking to be the WinMo phone to beat with the best hardware configuration currently available. The Snapdragon processor running at 1 GHz wrapped in a casing that is thin and light start the magic. The large display coupled with the first WinMo-powered capacitive digitizer round out the offering, and make it easy to understand why enthusiasts find the HD2 to be the phone of the hour. An extensive review of the HD2 at Mobility Minded covers every aspect of the phone, and is a must-read for anyone trying to understand why the phone has tech enthusiasts buzzing.

The folks at Modaco understand that some folks have to see things for themselves and have published an extensive video demonstration of the HD2. You’ll need to set aside a full 44 minutes to watch the whole thing, but the video covers every aspect of the phone, including the new HTC Sense interface that drives the HD2. The video clearly demonstrates that HTC has made complete operation of the phone finger-friendly, something they had to do to make Windows Mobile 6.5 work with that capacitive digitizer. No stylus is required to use this bad boy thanks to HTC Sense.



I upgraded from the HTC Touch HD to the HD2 last month and am so pleased I did. This phone does everything that I need it to do. Cant wait to see what HTC do next with the upgraded version of this handset!


once I saw the review of the HTC HD2 I was hooked. Finally a phone with the screen size to match my PSP. Plus all the other bells and whistles. I am an avid Windows Mobile user so I was a little disappointed that once in the states, the HD2 will not be running WM on the Verizon version (Passion). However, that’s just my own lack of experience or change. After reading a bunch of reviews, it sounds like not having WM OS will be a plus. If you own a HTC HD2, you discuss the phone at I will be there often to share tricks.


Very nice device – too bad he didn’t show more of the audio booster. The audiophile in me wants to know if I can set custom EQ curves and save them.

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