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One Finger Discount Gives MacHeist the Finger

one-finger-discountAs we wrote yesterday, MacHeist is doing a new promotion, this time offering six Mac apps for free. MacHeist has long been controversial in the indie developer community, with many developers believing that the promotion, which offers a bundle of applications at either a steep discount (or in this case for free), reduces the value of the work that developers put into Mac applications. One of the sharpest critics of MacHeist has been Daniel Jalkut, developer of MarsEdit.

In response to the latest MacHeist, Jalkut has organized a counter promotion of indie Mac developers offering a 20 percent discount on their applications. Dubbed the One Finger Discount, in a not-so-subtle nod towards the five finger discount some people say you get from MacHeist, the promotion is being offered for this week only. There are now over 40 different developers participating and new ones are being added all the time.

If you’re interested on picking up a discount on some interesting Mac software, or if you want to participate check out the website here.

7 Responses to “One Finger Discount Gives MacHeist the Finger”

  1. Alfredo, thanks for taking the time to share the news about One Finger Discount.

    It’s not an accurate reflection of my attitude to say that the promotion is “giving MacHeist the finger.” As Tim points out here in the comments, I encourage readers to go to MacHeist, and am trying to be positive and just say “while MacHeist is going on, let’s also celebrate and offer a bunch of discounts.”

    Ryan: I’m disappointed to hear that you think I’m bitching about anything. I got inspired and I jumped on an idea. Maybe the web site isn’t perfect, but lots of folks are appreciating it and buying software at a reduced rate.


  2. I don’t understand this article. One Finger has a link on their site to Mac Heist. To me, that says “Hey, we care about you and want you to get in on the great deals too.”

    At the bottom of the page they say “It’s almost a steal!” Well, to me, that’s the meaning of the one finger. Five fingers WOULD be a steal.

    Quit cryin’ and get back to work :)

  3. I picked up this last bundle, but I wouldn’t have ever bought any of this software. This may cause me to look at these companies in the future if their products are solid.
    I think the MarsEdit developers should spend a little more time innovating, and less time bitching. Seeing the 1-finger discount reminds me of a big ol bowl of sour grapes, and it’s quite unsavory.

  4. I recently upgraded to 1Password 3. It has become an indispensable part of my web life. I would never have bought it, except through MacHeist. They might not have gotten full price from me, but whatever they got from the Heist, my upgrade and my word of mouth, should be a decent return on their Heist investment. I think the key is having confidence that people who buy your software will continue to use it, upgrade, etc.

    Did MacHeist cheapen my view of the software or its developers? No. I generally think the quality of MacHeist apps are good.

    Is onefingerdiscount making its point? No. If you are going to set up a site have it not look like it was created 10 years ago. In my humble opinion, does cheapen every software vendors name who is listed on it. I mean it looks really, really bad. Do the developers realize this? Especially Mac developers?

    • I agree, being a new Mac owner Mac heist and some others made it easy for me to try, and eventually upgrade.

      I also agree the onefingerdiscount website looks horrible, I’ve been their twice and now must must say the developers supporting it are hurting themselves by being associated with it. Beyond amateur, its childish.