Charge Your Cell Phone with an Hour Walk


persoal-energy-generatorThis morning I read about the nPower PEG — a Personal Energy Generator — so I had to look into it online. PEG sounds like a decent fit in my quest to reduce electricity demand where I can. My last attempt using solar power was less than optimal, but this has potential. The PEG device captures your kinetic energy when walking or running. I do one or other, if not both, on a daily basis. Unlike other devices I’ve looked at, PEG doesn’t store energy — it simply transfers it. That means to charge a small device, you have to connect it to PEG and then do your activity. But it doesn’t take much activity to recharge. The product page indicates that a one hour walk should charge most phones to about 80% capacity. That’s actually good on two levels — not only does your phone get charged, but you gain the benefit of burning some calories with moderate exercise.

The device is 9″ by 1″, although the center section is slightly thicker. I can’t find a video of the device in use, but my guess is that you hold it by the center part while the rest of the PEG moves back and forth based on your motion. Tremont Electric, the company behind PEG says that you can also strap the unit to your arm or leg. The PEG connects to mobile devices through a USB 2.0 cable, but the company plans to sell adapter tips for devices that use non-standard connectors.

You can’t get a PEG just yet, but the company is taking names and e-mail addresses for pre-orders. The Personal Energy Generator looks to have a pre-order price of $148, so I wouldn’t consider this a cheaper alternative than paying for electricity. However, that’s not my goal here — I’m simply looking to reduce my power demands a little at time. No matter how miniscule the power savings, I’m after it.



Nevermind just doing the token “let’s save on energy” bit, which really won’t amount to a huge savings on the environment and stuff (though it will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling, of course) but this would be a massive boon to people who go on hikes or have to/want to trek long distances – it could keep personal tech like GPS:es (or a phone with GPS, granted) going where there is no convenient electrical outlets.


This is awesome :) I am much more excited about it then the solar charger. If tests are also positive and they could get the price down a bit (or have a sale) I would totally go for one or two (the wife even likes it).

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