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What’s Digiboo? Sounds Like Another Redbox

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AdWeek today, in a story about digital distribution, mentions the existence of a startup called Digiboo, a new (but oh so cute!) name for us. Looks like Google is largely unaware of Digiboo, bringing up only this weird landing page, though LinkedIn tracks down a CEO, COO, product manager, CMO, head of operations.

AdWeek describes the company as a Redbox competitor; it wants to put touch-screen kiosks in airports and other venues for users to plug in flash drives and to download movies and other content. Another competitor is MOD Systems, which is backed by Toshiba and NCR and moves around content using SD cards.

Digiboo thinks it’s a good alternative to digital downloads because content being stored in each kiosk makes transmissions almost instantaneous. CEO Richard Cohen says “Digiboo’s technology has taken portability and convenience to another level entirely. We think this is exactly what the consumer wants and exactly what’s been missing from other models.” Well yeah, but you have to be in the vicinity of a kiosk first!

The company is apparently angel-funded, and aiming for a nationwide rollout. It will be interesting to see what kind of deals and pricing it can get considering how divisive Redbox’s success has been with dollar-a-night rentals. If you know more or are affiliated with Digiboo, drop us a note.

2 Responses to “What’s Digiboo? Sounds Like Another Redbox”

  1. Richard Cohen

    Thanks for the mention on your post. We’re making good progress, and should have a couple of interesting announcements in the next few weeks.
    Richard Cohen