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Look Ma, No Mouse

“Remember the scene in the movie “Minority Report” where Tom Cruise uses hand gestures instead of a mouse to interact with a computer screen displayed on the wall? The idea isn’t really that far-fetched, and software developer Pranav Mistry has been working on making it a reality.”

Mistry has created SixthSense, writes Lisa Hoover on OStatic today, a wearable gesture interface that uses a camera and mini projector to display data and information onto surfaces, walls, and even your hand. Customized fingertip sensors let you manipulate the data and use your hands to interact with it. The Ph.D. student announced plans during a presentation at the TEDIndia conference this week to release SixthSense under an open-source license in the coming months. You can check out a video of SixthSense here, and more photos here. And, find out more about the accelerating gesture control space here.