How to Use Google Docs to Transfer Chrome Bookmarks to Other Browsers


chrome-bookmark-syncSo is anyone else besides me using the new bookmark sync feature in Google Chrome? I’m using it with the beta version of Chrome for Windows and also on my Mac. On OS X, the latest version Chrome itself doesn’t support the bookmark sync feature, but the latest build of Chromium does, so that’s what I’m using. But what if you’re using a computer that doesn’t have Chrome and you can’t install it? How then can you get your precious bookmarks from the cloud? It’s actually quite easy when you notice that your Chrome bookmarks also get synchronized over to Google Docs.

I noticed the Google Docs function when the sync feature launched, but it didn’t hit me that it might be useful. And it is useful when you need to get at your bookmarks in the sky — as long as you can get to your Google Docs, you can grab your favorite bookmarks and import them to nearly any browser. Here’s how:

1. Log in to Google Docs and look for your Google Chrome folder.


2. Select the folders or subfolders you want to get at. In my case, I selected the Bookmark Bar folder, which will grab all of the contents within it.


3. Once you’ve selected the folder, choose More Actions, Export. Leave all of the default settings and continue. Google will zip the contents and your computer should automatically download the compressed file called bookmarks.html.


4. Now that you have all of your Chrome bookmarks from the cloud, simply import the bookmarks.html file in your browser. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and most other browsers support HTML importing of bookmarks. Here’s my end result in Safari.


Of course, this is just a one-way deal — you’re not actually synchronizing bookmarks back-and-forth between Chrome and another browser. But it can be handy if you’re on a different device that’s not running Chrome and need to get at those bookmarks.



Now that is strange – I kind of expected that Google Chrome would sync with Google Bookmarks :) since it’s all about bookmarks… and Google Bookmarks can be accessed e.g. in Firefox using plugins like GMarks.

Why Google Documents? Google sometimes seems like someone who doesn’t really know what service does he provide :)


love this feature :) upgraded to the beta version after reading your earlier post about this feature to enjoy this “instant” sync feature on my netbook and laptop.


I’m using this feature daily to keep bookmarks on work, home, and personal laptop computers sync’ed. But I found setup was even simpler. I simply opened Chrome on each computer…and under the tools menu selected “Bookmarks synced…”…then entered by Gmail login ID and password…and voila! my bookmarks started syncing. Just do this on each computer and you’ll get your Google Chrome bookmarks synch’ed without any effort.

Kevin C. Tofel

DG, that’s the standard usage of Chrome Bookmark sync. The post is to meant to show you how to get those synched bookmarks from Chrome into another browser from the cloud. ;)

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