Dell Mini 3iX Phone Clears FCC with AT&T 3G Frequencies


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If you had any doubts about Dell’s Mini 3iX coming to AT&T in 2010, the FCC is here to dispel them. Unwired View says the FCC has tested the device with the typical confidentiality clauses in place, so there are no new device pics to peep unless you like looking at profiles and labels. The confidentiality on photos and the user manual expires on April 21, 2010, however that doesn’t mean the device might be available before then. In fact, I’d expect we see it as a working prototype at January’s Consumer Electronics Show. Probably the most interesting tidbit in what’s publicly available are the tested frequencies, which do jive with AT&T’s network for both voice and HDPA data.

I still think my Dell Axim was a great PDA back in the day — I found it well-designed and built solidly. I’m expecting the same from a Dell Android device. Word on the street is that the Mini 3iX will be the same as the Mini 3i found in China (shown above), but with the addition of Wi-Fi and 3G.

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