YouTube Dominates Embedded Videos With 82% Global Share

While YouTube’s (s GOOG) U.S. market share of online video views is 60 percent, according to Nielsen, the site is even more dominant when it comes to video embedding. Internationally, YouTube accounts for 81.9 percent of videos mentioned in blog posts using a link or an embed code (keep in mind that’s the number of videos, not the number of views), according to new research from Sysomos, a social media analytics firm (report found via ReadWriteWeb).

After YouTube, Vimeo accounts for 8.8 percent of embeds, Dailymotion for 4 percent, and MySpace for 1 percent. While the Sysomos study made an admirable attempt to be global, measuring more than 100 million blog posts from around the world, it only includes the major U.S. video streaming brands: YouTube,, Dailymotion, Metacafe, MTV, Vimeo, Hulu, Yahoo (s yhoo) Video, Google Video,, MySpace and MSN Video. To be fair, those sites are popular internationally (and Dailymotion is from France), but that leaves out many countries’ popular local sites, and it also includes destinations like Hulu that geo-block their content so it’s not watchable internationally. It’s impressive to see Vimeo so high up on the list, especially in the U.S., where it accounts for 10.6 percent of blogger embeds.

Sysomos found that the most popular embedded video of the summer was the JK Wedding Dance, followed by the Evian Roller Babies commercial and a crowd-sourced music video by Japanese band Sour.