The Party Line — Phone Buzz of the Day

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Here are some of today’s phone conversations I enjoyed reading or viewing on the web, along with some brief thoughts:

palm-pre-nfl-mobilePalm adding more Mojo with Ares (PC World) — We’ve only seen 300 or so apps for webOS so far. Palm isn’t taking submissions from all developers yet, but they are trying to make it even easier to develop for webOS with Ares. This new development tool appears completely web-based, so there’s no SDK to learn. From the description of a demo, it conceptually sounds like Visual Basic — drag-and-drop tools with built-in functionality to use. Hopefully, Ares pulls in more developers for webOS.

Sprint holding pat on ETF (PhoneScoop) — Verizon might be upping their early termination fees on “advanced devices” to $350 starting next week, but Sprint’s staying put on theirs. Is that a competitive advantage? Probably not to most consumers, but still good to know.

slacker-androidSlacker now playing on Android (CNET) — Music streaming on Android gets better today now that Slacker supports Google’s mobile operating system. You’ll be able to use a Now Playing widget on your home screen with the Android version. Check for it in the Market… unless you buy a Droid. Verizon handset owners will find it in the Verizon channel in the Market.

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