Skype Founders Fight Their Way Into the New Skype


The great Skype legal mess is about to come to an end, thanks to a settlement between  eBay (s EBAY) — and private investors led by Silver Lake Partners — and Skype co-founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis. As part of the deal, the two Skype founders will get 10 percent of the company in exchange for allowing it to use the Global Index technology from their IP company, JoltID. They have an option to pay $83 million for another 3 percent of the new Skype. They will have two board seats on the 23-person board. These details were reported by Kara Swisher on her blog last night. I reported the news of a settlement this past weekend. Since then, more details have emerged that Index Ventures and Michael Volpi were both out of the deal.



and may be they can finally fix skype too .. difficult connection, frequent dropped calls, bad call quality, crashing ui, chats that don’t go thru etc etc

Markus Goebel

Great. I hope that everything goes back to normal now. It’s good to see the Skype founders on board again. Hope they bring back innovation.


A 23-person board? How much would you pay to see the interaction between Friis and Zennstrom and the rest of the mob? Will they vote one member off each month until they get it down to a workable group?

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